Americas Online Sessions for Para-athletics <Athletics-English Group>


アメリカズパラ陸上(英語グループ)オンラインセッション 2020年8月7日 アメリカズ地域英語グループを対象としたパラ陸上のオンラインセッションを実施しました。講師には元アメリカパラリンピック陸上ハイパフォーマンスディレクターのCathy Sellers氏を迎え、英語圏のグレナダ、バルバドス、スリナム、バミューダから選手とコーチが参加しました。



August 7, 2020, We held a Para-athletics online session for English group in the Americas region.

We had Cathy Sellers, the former US Director for High Performance Paralympic Track and Field, as a facilitator, and the participants from Grenada, Barbados, Suriname, and Bermuda.

Started with sharing the situations of each country, a session was going on the theme of how to prepare for the Paralympic Games, which was postponed till the next year.

Suriname and Bermuda were added on our target country list this year, and we had many comments from all the participated countries.

As with the para-swimming session, this group will hold a session once every two weeks to meet the needs of the participants.