Americas Online Sessions for Para-swimming <Swimming-Spanish Group>



2020年8月5日 アメリカズ地域スペイン語グループを対象としたパラ水泳のオンラインセッションを実施しました。

講師にはアルゼンチンナショナルパラ水泳コーチのJuan Zucconi氏を迎え、スペイン語圏のホンジュラス、パラグアイから選手とコーチが参加しました。




August 5, 2020, we had an online para-swimming session for Spanish group in the Americas region. We invited Mr. Juan Zucconi, Argentine National Para Swimming Coach, as a facilitator, and had the athletes and coaches from Spanish-speaking countries, Honduras and Paraguay as participants. After sharing the current situation of the two countries, Mr. Zucconi gave specific tips on training and stretching as well as tips on maintaining the mental strength under the Covid-19 situations. By unifying the languages ​​of the participants and the facilitator, the session went well with no language barriers. In addition to Paraguay, which we have been working with since the start of our project, the swimmers and a coach from Honduras, which were newly added to the target countries this year, are very enthusiastic about getting new knowledge. We are planning to have a session once every two weeks with this group, and we will decide the topic in accordance with the needs of participants each time.