Coaching Workshop in Jakarta


パラコーチングワークショップ in ジャカルタ


プログラムでは、各国での活動や課題を共有し、2020年東京パラリンピックまで及び東京パラリンピック以降のパラスポーツ発展に向けた目標について再考しました。その際、「Strategic (戦略的)」に計画を立てることを意識して、各国の参加者はアクションプランを作成しました。また、アジアパラ大会の開会式や試合、選手村の視察を通して、参加者は「良いコーチとはどのようなコーチか」、「選手のパフォーマンスを保証するためにコーチのすべきことは何か」について考え、議論を行いました。本事業としては、今後さらなる国際的コーチングネットワーク構築の機会を支援対象国のコーチや役員に提供し、各国のアクションプランが実現するために支援を行なっていきたいと考えています。

It has been two months and half since they had completed the coaching workshop in NSSU in July, 2018. We are now at the next stage for learning more deeply about coaching and administrations. This time, added Nepal in, there were 4 target countries (Bhutan, Brunei, Bangladesh, and Maldives) which took part in and learned together. The venue was Jakarta where Asia Para Games had held during that moments.

​Started with sharing the challenges from respective countries after their implementation along with the previous action plan, we discussed each nation's goal toward 2020 and beyond. In order to achieve them, it will need to apply an appropriate strategy.​

Throughout the observation of the opening ceremony, the various competitions and the athlete village, each one of us learned "What is a good coach" and "What coach should do for guaranteeing performance of athlete"​.

At the end of the workshop, we made a new action plan which will be done by February,2019, as stage 3. It was very inspiring when we were sharing each other with their unique action plans. Let's keep communicating each other through the coaching network and realize the plans true!