Exercise together with Para-swimmers <Swimming-Spanish Group>



2020年8月22日 アメリカズパラ水泳(スペイン語グループ)2回目のオンラインセッションを実施しました。

はじめに支援対象選手の実際の競技・トレーニング動画分析を行い、講師のJuan Zucconi氏から具体的な技術指導がありました。



August 22, 2020, we had the second online para-swimming session for Spanish group in the Americas region.

First, we analyzed the competition/training videos of the athletes, and the facilitator, Juan Zucconi, provided specific technical guidance.

After that, at the request of the participants, Juan introduced some tube training and circuit training. Since the tips and key points are different depending on the type/part of the disability that the athlete has, Juan gave each athlete the effective advice.

NEPP members also joined in the circuit training this time! Although it was online, everyone worked on the same menu with a smile and sweat.