First Online Session for Asia Coaches






We conducted the 1st online session for Asian countries on the 28th of August.

The 7 coaches from 5 countries (Bangladesh, Brunei, Lebanon, Maldives, Yemen) participated in this session and we invited Mr. Troy Engle who is the vice-chairperson of the World Para Athletics as a facilitator.

First of all, we started the session with a brief introducing of themselves and then sharing the current situation in each country at this moment.

After that, Mr. Troy shared how to prepare and plan for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and the elements and ideas for that with us.

We hope this session was a very meaningful and valuable opportunity for us and coaches to know each other and start uniting towards the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

We're planning to have individual sessions for each country this month.

Thank you so much Troy and all coaches for joining our online session!