Awesome Achievements at Arafura Games

最終更新: 2020年9月2日





Arafura Games held in Darwin, Australia from April 25 to May 2, 2019. 

Ken Kahu, one of Vanuatu's javelin throwers, recorded 47.61m on the first day of the games, exceeding the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic qualifying standard. Not only Vanuatu, but all the athletes in the target countries showed us a great performance. The podium in the men's shot put (sitting position) is dominated the athletes from our target countries, Brunei in 1st place followed by Solomon Islands in 2nd place and Papua New Guinea in 3rd place.

In addition, Fiji's male shot put thrower Iosefo Lakesa also broke the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic qualifying standard by recording 10.65m. We look forward to seeing their success in Tokyo in 2020!!


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