Resistance band training with elastic / rubber <Swimming-Spanish Group>

アメリカズパラ水泳(スペイン語グループ)ひとりでできる ゴムチューブを使ったトレーニング

2020年9月5日 アメリカズパラ水泳(スペイン語グループ)3回目のオンラインセッションを実施しました。

今回は参加者からゴムチューブ等を使用して自宅でもできるトレーニング指導のリクエストがあり、講師のJuan Zucconi氏から、外出や練習に制限がある中での効率的なトレーニング方法、プールトレーニング再開に備えたチューブトレーニングの方法等が紹介されました。



September 5, 2020, we had the third online para-swimming session for Spanish group in the Americas region.

This session consisted of a brief conversation with the coaches, training using the resistance band and a conversation with the athletes.

For athletes who felt bad returning to the pool, Juan the facilitator told them to be calm.

Regarding to improving personal best, which is a common goal for most athletes, Juan strongly mentioned that it is a good and important goal. Even if you were in the last place at the race with your personal best, it should be a great achievement. Even though it seems far away, it’s good to have a big goal.

Juan said that when a person wants to learn it ends up reaching much farther than a person who thinks he/she knows everything. The desire to want to learn and improve techniques is very important!