Training Camp in Miami

トレーニングキャンプ in マイアミ




A swimming and athletic training camp for the Americas region was held in Miami, USA from July 16th to 18th, 2019.

​Eight athletes and coaches from 4 countries, Barbados, Grenada, Paraguay, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, participated in the program aimed at improving performance and building networks in the Americas region.We had former US Paralympic Athletics Director Cathy Cellars as the track/field instructor and Associate Professor Fumihiko Iwahara of Nippon Sport Science University as the swimming instructor. Even though it was a short period of 3 days the participants learnt a lot about technical training, training plan creation, sports nutrition, etc. ​​

It was very very difficult to arrange the things in Miami from Japan in advance, so we would like to thank Ms. Juliana Taniguchi and Mr. Koji Takinami, who are resident in the area, for securing facilities, arranging meals, setting up insurance and so on for us. They helped us as a staff member during the camp, and this camp might not have been successful without their help. Juliana and Koji, we are VERY thankful to you both!!